GT-3 Race chassis

The new Spire GT-3.

The chassis has been designed to comply to the new RGB Class "R" regulations for mid/rear engined cars up to 1000cc.

The all new round CDS tube chassis has silmilar track and wheelbase to the GT-R but it has inboard/pushrod operated suspension and is fully rosejointed.

It is fitted with a honda CBR1000rr engine and chain driven, limited slip diff with electric reverse gear.

New body moulds and bodywork have been made, the main changes are to reduce frontal area and to give improved downforce with less drag.The radiators are now fitted in the sidepods rather than in the nose.

The completed car is expected to weigh in at about 450kg in race trim which will allow ballast to be added to assist weight distribution and bring the car up to the minimum race weight of 560kg including driver at the end of a race.

The car was successfully run on a rolling road and track tested for the first time at Brands Hatch on 21/1/11 without any mechanical issues.

We spent a few hours in the wind tunnel with the car at Mira, Hinckley on 2/2/11 with some very interesting results. With this information we hope to improve the aerodynamics to maximise downforce and reduce drag.
During 2011 we continued to improve the car and for 2012 we revised the nose and sidepods to further reduce drag and improve airflow to the radiators.

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