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Meet the GT-R

  • Suitable for track days or general road use
    (easy to put through IVA)
  • Chassis will accomodate motorbike or car engines
  • 0-60mph in less than 4 seconds & top speeds of over 140mph
  • Build from ~£7500.00

Another excellent season for the Spire team in 2014. 

Matt Higginson again won the RGB Championship with John Cutmore in second place.

Tim Gray won Class B and was second overall in the Bikesports Championship.

Tim also set the fastest lap of the year at Cadwell Park. (see Autosport December 18th.)

 Richard Wise won Class C and recorded his first overall win at Cadwell Park.

Congratulations to all the team and thanks for all the hard work you all put in to help us succeed again in 2014.


Well we made it to the Burkett 6 hour relay race last Saturday (25th October) after a very hectic week and our team were rewarded with 3rd place overall.

After the engine blew in Tim's car at Donnington the Saturday before lots of people rallied round to provide a new engine, get it fitted and run in on the Dyno and loaded in the race truck by 5.00 on Thursday night.

I would like to thank everyone who helped, especially Rich and Lee at RLM racing who built and loaned us a new engine (working an "all nighter" to complete it in time for us to collect it 7.00 on Wednesday morning).

Thanks again to all our helpers at the race weekends over the last season, our drivers and our people at the works. Without all their hard work we would not have achieved the results we did. 



The first 2 rounds of the Bikesports Championship at Donnington on 29th March saw great results for us at Spire.

Tim qualified on pole and won the first wet race by 47 seconds. The second race starting from 8th due to the new reversed grid system still was no problem, by the end of the first lap Tim lead by 5 seconds and went on to win by 57 seconds.

Julian Griffiths took class C wins in both races and Peter Lague took a class D win in race 2.

Our next race weekend is at Cadwell Park with qualifying and 2 races for Bikesports on Sunday 21st June.